A Chara, after years of hard work and dedication, Shannon Gaels GAA have recently signed a contract securing a long term Lease for the use of 7 acres within Frank Golden Park as their home grounds. This development will secure the future of GAA for our children and future generations in Queens and the Greater New York area.

Field Of Dreams Current Progress

We ask that you join with us and help us in achieving our goal.


Shannon Gaels GAA was founded in 2002 and to date we are the only Minor GAA club serving the children of Queens. For our first seven years we had no regular field to train on. After reaching out to the New York City Mayor’s office and the Queens Parks Department, we were accommodated with Frank Golden Park in College Point. We subsequently signed a long term lease with the City of New York for the use of over seven acres within this park. We must now raise a significant portion of the funds needed to turn this area into our “Field of Dreams”.

Shannon Gaels GAAThis project represents something special and something different. We believe it will provide an anchor for Gaelic Football and Hurling here in New York that will run right through the 21st century. The following will tell you about the project. It will also tell you how we intend, with your help, to fund it. We believe we have a funding strategy which is practical, but we do need your help to make it happen.

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Our “Field of Dreams” is a huge challenge to all of us. But it is one that is necessary and achievable. We look forward to you working with us to deliver something that is very special indeed.

Shannon Gaels Chairman

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Trína chéile a thógtar na caisleáin.
In our togetherness, castles are built


We have put in place a Shannon Gaels GAA family wide strategy to fund our Field of Dreams project. It’s based on the tried and tested GAA ethos of depending on everyone and having a place for everyone.

We are commited to sharing our work and its benefits; and of putting in rather than taking out. Just as we will all benefit from our Field of Dreams in our own ways, so can we all help make it happen in our own ways.


Who is our field
of dreams for?

  • The Shannon Gaels GAA and all diasporaacross the Greater New York area.
  • Our future County players, at all levels and in all codes.
  • The boys and girls of Queens which has one of the most diverse/ethnic communities in the US.
  • All those with an interest in the GAA.

What will
it contain?

  • A full sized sand carpet GAA playing pitch, training pitch and scrimmage area.
  • Spectator facilities and significant car-parking.
  • High performance flood-light system.
  • Cultural and Annual Field Day facilities.

Why do
we need it?

  • At present there are limited playing area’s available to play Gaelic sports in New York’s five boroughs.
  • Our club has 23 teams and growing.
  • Membership is growing at an average of 150% annually.
  • Currently there is no other playing area for Gaelic sports in Queens.
  • To promote physical fitness and team spirit amongst the youth.

What will
it deliver?

  • A fully integrated Shannon Gaels GAA club.
  • A home away from home for Irish immigrants bringing together all aspects of gaelic games and culture
  • Unmatched facilities for our young people.
  • An engine to drive Shannon Gaels GAA through the 21st century.
  • A statement about something that’s important to us all.

Mól an óige agus tiocfaidh sí
Praise the youth and they will come


There are three avenues to our funding strategy. This is a deliberate approach, to make sure there’s a way for every past, present and future Shannon Gaels GAA member to contribute in a meaningful way to this unique project. Our three avenues are

Tada gan iarracht
Nothing is done without effort is done without effort

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Download BrochureOn behalf the entire Shannon Gaels community - we sincerely thankyou for your interest in the Field Of Dreams intitiative - a bold & brave step forward. We hope you can help turn the dream into a reality.

Shannon Gaels Gaelic Athletic Association is a 501(c)(3) organization. All charitable contributions are deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

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